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How I started


Aloha and Howdy! I'm Maile (My-Lee) and growing up I always leaned on crafting as my creative outlet. Over the years it's grown to help reduce my stress and connect me with my community. When scrolling through social media I kept thinking I make those types of crafts all of the time but only for myself or family and friends. That was up until two women I trust more than anything, my sister and my bestie, kept telling me "I would buy that from you and others would too". Finally, after much convincing I decided to share "Mai" creations with you!

These handcrafted items are made in my home in Montana and I'm excited to bring you into my inner circle and share creations I put my heart into making. I love yarn and colors and things that make you feel warm and cozy. You might see a bit of Montana State Bobcats snuck in along with Harry Potter inspired creations. Really it's whatever inspires me in the moment and living under the Big Sky feeds the imagination.

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you found a few items you love as much as I do.


Aloha Nui (Much Love):


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